The Internationale of Al-Qa‘ida

The Internationale of Al-Qa‘ida

From Bali to Tizi Ouzou

From Kandahar to New York

From Madrid to Hai-il'amil[1

The anthem is blooming:

"kill, kill, kill

kill, kill, kill"


Take care of no details

"kill, kill, kill"

Time shall make you

More dexterous, more skilled


At your age I was

When I sow them

"kill, Kill, kill"

With a grand saw Beheading

A base infant

From a sect of unbelievers.

I got enthusiastic

And praised Allah three times!


Firmly hold the feet

"kill, kill, kill"

I shall hold the hands.

Let us sway him a little

Before we through him down

From the towering balcony

"kill, kill, kill"

For whole two weeks

Ants shall eat

From the scattered brain matter

Of the brainless old man!


Don't be confused my son;

Beheading is not so hard to learn

"kill, kill, kill"

Your dreams shall calm down

And soon you will get used

To the warm redness

And the lovely rhythm:

"kill, kill, kill"

[1] Hai-il'amil "The district of the worker", a large poor district in Baghdad bombed by several terrorist attacks.

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