The Song of the Eighth Sister

The Song of the Eighth Sister

O, little orange!

Seven brothers I have, all soldiers!

One has gone to Baghdad,

The six are mine!"

(From an Iraqi children's folk song)

O, little orange!

O, my little blue orange!

I have … Oh, I had….


One went mad in prison.

One was executed by a firing squad.

One was lost in the morgue.

One strayed in the trenches.

One wept until his eyes turned white.

One wandered and wandered and wandered

Seven times around the earth,

Then killed himself by cigarettes

When he found no one

At our old house

Except a ghost of my sister,

Rambling in the haunted place

And singing for the six who left,

And for me;

The one who sits here

Alone.. watching the ruins !!

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